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Sellers listing their flats on HDB Portal (RFL - Resale Flat Listing)

Updated: 5 days ago

Soft launch of Resale Flat Listing (RFL) on 13 May 2024 by HDB

Resale Flat Listings (RFL) is an initiative by HDB that allows sellers to list their flats for sale on the HDB Resale Portal. Only sellers who have completed their Intention to Sell are permitted to list their unit for sale, and each listing is unique, with only one listing per address allowed. Additionally, only buyers who have obtained a valid HFE (HDB Flat Eligibility) can get the sellers' contact information and schedule a viewing appointment.

This initiative will greatly minimize duplicate listings that are prevalent across many property portals and ensure that only buyers with valid HFE (buyers who are eligible to purchase an HDB flat) can arrange a viewing appointment.

As this could potentially be the first time a homeowner is selling their own unit, what should they look out for when preparing to show their prospective buyers? Below are some recommendations for sellers to prepare in order to provide prospective buyers with a pleasant viewing experience:

  1. Tidy up the place - Imagine walking into a unit that looks clean and bright; it will definitely give a welcoming and pleasant feel! Remember to keep your valuables away too.

  2. Turn on the air conditioning - With the current heat, your unit will definitely leave a good impression if buyers walk into a cool space.

  3. Freshen up the unit - If you have been staying in the unit for a long time, consider repainting the unit in a lighter color. This can help brighten the space and give buyers a fresh feeling.

  4. Know the direction of your unit - Some buyers are particular about directions (e.g., main door facing, afternoon sun, west-facing units, etc.). This will help you answer any questions buyers may have before arranging any viewings.

  5. Know your unit - If Home Improvement Programme (HIP) has been done, check if the work has been billed by the HDB Branch Office. This is crucial, especially when the buyers are Permanent Residents (PRs). Other important information includes Ethnic Quota restrictions and the balance lease of the unit. These details are available on the RFL listings, but it is good to remember them as well. 6. Resale timeline - This is the most crucial part of the whole sales process. Especially so when you are working on upgrading and right-sizing. You will need to take note of the 3 keys components below: a. The flow of funds - the sales proceed (especially CPF) must be available for use during the purchase completion. Can look at using Enhanced Contra Facility from HDB if you are on HDB loan or uses bridging loan if you are on bank loan b. Extension stay is crucial when doing back to back transactions - Always ask for extension stay (3 months) if you need to renovate the new place and do not want to move twice! Extension stay will allow you to continue to stay in your current unit after the completion of your sales and allow you time to take over the new unit, start renovation and move in to the new unit before handing over your current unit to the new owner c. Buy or Sell 1st? Which one should come 1st? This is another important point that you need to take note of. I will usually advise to shortlist 2 to 3 units to buy while you sell your unit. In the event your buyer offer you a price that you are able to accept, go ahead to offer for the shortlisted units. Once the unit you offer accept your offer, go ahead to accept your buyer's offer. The last thing we want to see if, you accepted an offer for the sales of your unit and you can't find a unit you want, you will end up having to either buy anything that come by or end up renting a unit thus incurring additional cost and inconvenience.


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