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HDB RFL (Resale Flat Listing) - Selling Timeline in a nutshell

HDB selling timeline for RFL sellers

After you had decided to use HDB RFL (Resale Flat Listing), the few things that will happened which I mentioned in the previous blog post, I would like to touch on more on the sales timeline.

After showing the units to potential buyers, negotiate the prices and eventually accepting the offer. What do we need to do after that and what do we need to know about the timeline?

After accepting the offer, you can log on to the HDB flat portal to download the Option To Purchase (OTP). Please note that we must use HDB OTP for all HDB transactions and all OTP come with a unique serial number and can only be use once. You can also choose to download the HDB OTP from this link

After the OTP had been granted, we will follow the below procedure as stipulated by HDB.

Above image extracted from HDB

After the buyer had exercised the OTP and both parties had submitted the Resale Application, HDB will take over and subsequently send the following to both parties: 1. Estimated Completion Date

2. Documents for endorsement

3. Technical officer from Branch Officer will visit the unit to check on any illegal renovation and also windows retrofitted in the unit

4. Approval on the resale

5. Completion documents to both parties to prepare for completion

Please find below timeline for your reference (Dates are for reference only).

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