Discover the 17 Projects Nearing the 2023 ABSD Deadline

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A few months ago, I shared that 33 projects were approaching their ABSD deadlines this year, and the potential for substantial discounts.

The good news is that some of those predictions came true, and a handful of fortunate investors secured incredible deals well below the earlier unit prices.

In fact, a few properties were even sold at 2020 prices, offering immediate built-in profits. Such exceptional deals do occur, even in a thriving market, but they are quite rare. To receive real-time updates on these opportunities, be sure to join our mailing list.

These opportunities are often snapped up by industry insiders on the same day or within 1-2 days.

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I’ll provide you with insights on the 17 projects that are currently approaching their ABSD deadlines and keep you informed whenever such remarkable deals emerge.

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