Property Wealth Planning

Have you ever pondered how your peers or others can successfully acquire two or more properties? Wondering how they can accomplish this in a relatively short time frame?

NAVIS Living Group

As a member of the Navis Living Group, I can offer a supportive platform for agents under my guidance to elevate their success and expand their horizons.

Team Genesis

Team Genesis, a family of real estate consultants who takes pride in practicing with integrity and takes pride in our professionalism.

Award Winning


As a key member of Team Genesis within the Stuart Chng Group under Navis Living Group, I not only play a leadership role but also engage in personal coaching for my team of realtors, empowering them to achieve new career heights.


What I Offer

I specialize in providing expert consulting services to first-time homebuyers, property owners seeking upgrades or right-sizing, and assisting investors in effectively managing their portfolios.

Additionally, I offer personalized coaching and mentorship to real estate professionals, creating a nurturing and ethical workspace for their endeavors.


Specializes in consulting for rental, sales and purchases of residential properties in the secondary market, ranging from HDB to Private residentials.

New Launches

Leveraging my extensive expertise in both the resale and primary real estate markets, I offer in-depth analysis to identify the product that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Team Building

I firmly believe in establishing a robust foundation in our field of expertise. This foundation enables us to approach deals with enhanced confidence and competence.

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my Expertise

13 Years of Experience in REAL ESTATE

I place a strong emphasis on data analysis, drawing from over a decade of experience navigating the market’s fluctuations. I remain steadfast in my belief that real estate remains a secure investment option, underpinned by Singapore’s robust fundamentals.

Residential Sales
Residential rental

Want to know more how I can assist you?

Interested in knowing how I can be of help? Whether you’re in the midst of property exploration, contemplating resizing your property, planning an upgrade, or simply seeking information before making a decision, don’t hesitate to contact me via a call or WhatsApp